Australian Amateur Radio Station
The links on this page are to pages involved with my "EME" activities.   
I am currently QRV on several bands from 432MHz through to 24
GHz.  My various station setup for each band is described in each

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Sked Request:  VK3NX
The "DISH"  @2
At the heart of my microwave EME operations is my 3.7m Joysat  dish.  This is a
mesh covered dish and the spacing of the mesh is no wider than 4mm.  As
such even on 10 GHz there theoretically should be little difference between it
and a solid dish.  In practice I seem to be down a little bit from the theoretical
gain on 10 GHz but have worked stations with as little as 10 W and a 2.4m dish.
The mounting hub can be used
as a "Polar" mount or as an
"Azimuth - Elevation" mount.  I
use the latter.

The dish and mounting hub have
a combined weight of
approximately 37 Kg.  This
doesn't pose too much of a
mechanical problem to support.

Heavy duty actuators provide the
steering mechanism
The "Block Diagram" overview of my Microwave EME station is available
Gippstech 2007 Presentation
Links to my EME Related pages
QRV on EME :  432 MHz - 24 GHz
A Comparison of some "HF"
Radios used as "tuneable IFs"

A Practical Noise meter for Sun & Moon Noise
On 24 Ghz I use an Andrews 2.4m prime
focus dish.
The dish has very heavy reinforcing and has
proven to be very accurate on 24 GHz.