Australian Amateur Radio Station

In late 2018 I realised I had almost all the parts required to build a new STaR transceiver as well as a TFTA
screen that I was going to originally incorporate into STaR-2.  In search of a "project" I decided that  I really
couldn't resist building a new STaR transceiver.  This  latest version was completed in
August 2019.  I took much
longer to build this particular transceiver and incorporated:

1. Combo board "BB  by Glenn VK3PE
2.Trx AVR
4. Surplus CODAN HF amplifier (120 W PEP)
5. IF output for an external  Panadapter

The Transceiver is built into a homemade case utilising blank stock PCB, aluminium panels and
Al. angle.

Below are some photos of my build to help give other builders some ideas.   Aside from all the electronics, the
mechanical process in this project was very time consuming.

STaR - 3