Lara UHF & Microwave
Experimenters' Group
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The view from our favourite hilltop - QF21CU-
Unfortunately the 360 degree view is only broken by the commercial
installation.........  "wish they were ours!"
Spring Field Day 2002

2 & 70 cm Yagis                         Generator!                            VK3QM operating
Field Day Operations 2006 - 2008

                    Setting up                                              A RARE occurrence!             VHF-UHF Yagis                      uW
Operating                                      "Blast we left 1 at home!"                          "Running repairs on 10 GHz"

"VK2AES" 13cm Feed              "Working the Dx"                    "Head Quaters"             "Chas Chasing The Dx"              VK3QM's

2,70,23 and 13cm                    "Should we disconnect the Antennas?                                            What is  VK3PY doing?
Operating desk                                                                                                                                                          

"Please repeat my report..                         Another day in Paradise                            "I think the EMPTY barrel will resonate on 1296      
.....the QRM is SAVAGE"                                                                                                        I'll get David and Chas in here...Give us an hour"

Soothing the palate after                                     Working the John Moyle FD                                 10 GHz Night operations
     a few QSOs

VK3QM with 10 GHz                                                Important FD rations                                            Back to the Radio Gear
                                                                            "Natural" and "Man improved"

50 W Transverter  on 1296                                          Portable power                                               YEP...It's still going strong!
Summer Field Day 2009