Australian Amateur Radio Station
HF Operations:
HF and 50 MHz Beams
               TET-57  Emtron
5 element 7 band antenna that operates all bands from 40m
It is essentially a rotatable dipole on 40m
3 elements active on 20-15-10
2 elements active on 30-18-12

Hustler 5-BTV  Vertical
This is a multiband trap vertical from 80-10m on the
"traditional" bands.  It sits on top of a shed roof that provides
~ 200sq.m  of ground plane. The shed roof provides an
elevated ground plane.  As the current is highest in the
immediate vicinity to the feed point, over 200 "Tek" screws
are used to "bond" the sheets of corrugated iron together.
This provides for very low resistance losses and increases
the efficiency. This antenna has worked very well for me on
all bands especially for 40m DX.
Wire Antennae
Various wire antennae are also used  
at different stages for experimentation
purposes.  I have had very good
success at my previous QTH with Off
Centre Fed Dipoles.  Over the years
many types of wire antennae have
been tried and I guess that is a result of
having spent most of my ham radio
time in a big city on an average
suburban block.

Plans are to soon put a multi-band
dipole with open-wire feed line for use
mainly on 160-40 m.
Antenna switch

A remote 4-Port antenna switch is used to select between the different antennae from within the comfort of
the "shack".  The switch is controlled with a Pic-Axe 08M controller to both select the appropriate antenna
and to display information on an LCD.  As different Antennae are changed / replaced, the Pic-Axe is
reprogrammed with appropriate information.  A band switch data input available on most modern
transceivers was considered but in practical application it is much easier to change between antennae
based on propogation, not band.
Equipment on HF

Various transceivers are used at my shack, and most don't last long due to my penchant for trying most rigs
on offer.  Over the years I have tried just about all transceivers and will enjoy continuing to do so!

In August 2019 I put the final covers on my completed Pic-A-STaR
Transceiver and have now built 3 versions.