Australian Amateur Radio Station
Equipment on 6cm EME:

- The homebrew transverter utilises the N1BWT no tune transverter board as the basis of the system.  I have now built 3 of these boards
and each one worked as expected.

- The LO is a homebrew design that is PLL locked to a GPS derived 10MHz signal using the "VE1ALQ" PLL board

- LNA is a 30dB gain ,  0,7 dB NF  preamp from DB6NT

- The PA is a TWTA running 120 W.  I achieve ~ 100W at the feed.

-  The feed is a scaled version of the "RA3AQ" optimised septum feed that I built from 0.5mm copper sheet.
5760 MHz ... was the first microwave band that I set out to "chase" echoes on. It took almost 2 years and a
move of QTH in order for me to achieve echoes.  The original system was an extension of my "hilltopping" 6cm equipment.  I ran a
transverter with homebrew amplifier chain utilising IMFET-3 FETs.  The basic transverter produced 3-4 W and this was fed to a "dish-
mounted" PA utilising 4 x 5964-8 FETs.  This produced approximately 20 W  and with cable losses I was achieving ~ 13W at the feed. This
amplifier utilises the same type "WA5TNY"  board that was used originally with IMFET 5964-3's : which was used for the very first QSO on
5760 EME.
The feed was a screw polariser and after extensive tuning produced less than 2dB difference through 360 degrees rotation on a dipole
Rx antenna.  With  the initial setup and very careful optimisation, I was able to finally hear my own echoes for the very first time  in a 250
Hz Bw.  After retuning of the amplifier I was able to produce closer to 30 W out and this allowed ~ 20 W at the feed.  The first few stations
I worked had bigger dishes which compensated for my smaller setup  and QSOs were achieved.  The smallest station I have been able to
work was a one running 15 W into a 4.5m dish.  We had a number of unsuccessful attempts whilst he was running linear polarisation, but
after changing to CP we succeeded.

The help I received from the whole 6cm EME community was marvellous and without them I would not be having the fun I currently am
with my EME activities.

Recently I have been lucky to come across a TWTA for 6cm thanks to a local ham.  This unit produces > 100 W  and after incorporating
the necessary safety / switching  features it is now setup in the station.  Needless to say finding my own echoes is now 7-8dB easier!
My SSB echoes are now QSA 5.

"Spectran" trace of first
echoes in August 2006.
Audio *.wav file of 1st echoes
Audio Clips from 6cm EME:
6cm EME
Current 6cm Equipment:
Current Circularly Polarised Septum Feed Details
Link to Original Equipment Used.
Current Performance figures as of May 2012:

Sun noise = 11.2dB (SFU=67)  CS / Gnd = 4.4dB     Moon Noise =1.0dB
Link to  6cm  Logbook
My Echoes at  Apogee