Australian Amateur Radio Station
1296 MHz  2 @ Mitsubishi RAH181213G Module Amplifier
Recently I needed to "upgrade" my 23cm transverter to produce more power to drive
my 400W+ 23cm amplifier.  My present transverter was using one of the "older"
generation mitsubishi modules that produce around 17W.  I needed 50-60 W to drive
my 8@XRF286 amplifier.  Whilst a single XRF286 will produce this comfortably, it
would require 28 V and I wanted the transverter to remain a 13.8 V ONLY unit for
portability.  About this time VK3PY (Carlo) had completed a 2 X Mitsubishi module
23cm amplifier that was delivering my exact requirements: 50-60 W.  After a closer
inspection of the amplifier I decided to build it.  It features a single board with the
appropriate splitters and combiners etched on the 1 circuit board.

Recently VK3PY's article was published in "AR" (the WIA's magazine) and a full
description can be found here:     (sorry - link not yet available)

Some photos of my completed unit appear below.  The unit was attached to the top of
my transverter  and suitable connectors route the DC and RF to and from the main unit.

Anyone wishing an amplifier requiring little drive will find this a relatively easy and very
reproducible design.
This Amplifier is based on the circuit board designed by
VK3PY - Carlo Gnaccarinni