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24 GHz Page
Pictures from October 2010 field operations .......  24 GHz & 47 GHz
Homebrew :  Kuhne transverter module,  Post filter from RSGB,  G8ACE OCXO kit , G4DDK multiplier chain,
Minikits 1GHz - 12 GHz multiplier ,  amplifier chain with extra pipecap filtering to deliver 40mW LO drive to mixer
module, Toshiba 1 W amp used on receive and Transmit via a Hubert Krause fabricated 4 port W/G switch with
electronic switching via a servo motor., flexible WR42 W/G to 1 ft  dish with penny feed, various DC  regulators ,
supply  and control voltages.

The pictures show some of these elements.  The complete oscillator multiplier is in the diecast box but some of
the LO amplifier modules made using MGF1302s are visible.
Transverter  #1:
Transverter  #2
I completed my 2nd 24 GHz transverter in December 2010.  It is based on a 26 GHz "Thales" module. I built up
various kit modules to provide the 1296 Intermediate IF (down converts to 144 MHz IF) as well as the LO multiplier

11736MHz LO Chain...   G8ACE OCXO (@ 118.5MHz) &  DB6NT  12 GHz multiplier......  provides ~ 10mW @ 11736 MHz to
the Thales unit

1296MHz intermediate IF......  W6PQL  OCXO (@ 96 MHz) @  MiniKits LO multiplier.....  provides +9.5dBm @ 576 MHz to
a Minikits 1296 MHz transverter unit.

Sequencer.... Minikits

DC module was an ATX power supply module from "Jaycar" providing +5 V  @ ~ 2A  and -12V @ ~ 100mA
Various other DC control and sequencing lines provide outputs to external PA's and LNAs  if required