Australian Amateur Radio Station
2.3 GHz Feed Assembly
The 2300 -2424 Feed used is scaled from an "RA3AQ" septum feed that was initially optimised for 1296
MHz for an f/d of 0.39 .... 0.45.  

Tuning screws were required as per the "OK1DFC" septum and with compromised tuning b/w the Rx
and Tx ports a Return Loss of 24dB was achieved with a Port - Port isolation of 22dB.
The feed was built out of 0.5mm copper sheet that was bent into the square W/G  and the septum was
soldered into the middle.  The pictures below also show the isolating SMA relay and the 'WD5AGO" preamp
on the feed assembly.  The 2  brass tuning screws are also visible.

13cm Feed Dimensions

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